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Rental Conditions

  1. DRIVERS LICENCE: A driving licence valid in Greece held for at least three years, required.
  2. GASOLINE: Gasoline consumption is payble by the renter.
  3. TRAFFIC TICKETS: Tickets and attached administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Greek Traffic Law (K.O.K.) during rental mperiod, are solely the renters responsibility.
  4. RENTAL TIME: Minimum rental time is one day (24 hours) or less when required.
    Every hour in excess of 24 hours and up to 3 hours is calculated at 1/5 of the daily rate.
    For an over 3 hours excess, the renter is charged with an additional daily rate.
  5. METHOD OF PAYMENT: A valid credit card is required for all rentals.
    The estimated cost of rental is required at the begining, after signing of the R/A.
  6. CREDIT AUTHORISATION: Renter must hold a valid credit card, accepted by MICHAEL STAMOU S.A., of which a minimum credit authorization for amount 1.000 euro for groups Family cars group (MERCEDES E-200, MERCEDES C-200) and 1.500 euro for Antiques (CADILLAC) and Cabrio (MERCEDES CLK-200 CABRIO, BMW CABRIO, BMW 525) and 3.000 euro for MERCEDES S-CLASS will be required.
  7. INSURANCE: Rental rates include the following coverage:
    a) Death or damages to third partiew and passengers up to 500.000 euro
    b) Material damages to third parties (excluding the vehicle of our company) up to 100.000 euro
    c) Fire and earthquake damages to renter's vehicle.
    For damages to the renter's car, the customer is responsible for up the to entire market value of the vehicle at the time of the accident.
  8. COLLUSION DAMAGE (CDW): The renter's responsibility for damage mentioned in paragraph 8c, provided he signs the Rental Agreement (R/A) relevant Terms, is limited to 1.000 euro by paying an additional charge of 14 euro per day for car groups N,P,T, up to 1.800 euro by paying an additional charge of 30 euro per day for car Family cars groups (MERCEDES E-200) and up to 3.000 euro by paying anadditional charge of 40 euro per day for Antiques group (CADILLAC) and Cabrio (MERCEDES CLK-200 CABRIO, BMW CABRIO, BMW 525), and for MERCEDES S-CLASS. The above terms will apply, provided collision damages are not due to violation of the Greek Traffic Law (K.O.K.), by the renter is liable for any MECHANICAL DAMAGE or for the replacement of DAMAGED TIRES, WHEELS, WINDOWS, WINSHIELD, DOORLOCKS,MIRRORS and UNDERNEATH the car. The cost of damages or replacements are due to be paid by the renter in full and in excess of the above limited liabilities. The abovedamages in no case are covored by the CDW.

    The sums of exemption are: 1000 euros for the cars (MERCEDES E-200, MERCEDES C-200, MAZDA MPV, MINIBUS, TOYOTA RAV4), 1500 euros for cars (CADILLAC, MERCEDES CLK-200 CABRIO, BMW CABRIO, BMW 525) and 3000 euros for the cars (MERCEDES S CLASS)
  9. PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE: For a charge of 3 euro per day, personal accident insurance can be obtained covering:
    a) Partial disability (percentage of 15.000 euro).
    b) Death or total partial disability 30.000 euro.
    c) Hospital expenses 30.000 euro.
    d) Medical expenses 300 euro.
  10. THEFT PROTECTION (TP): TP is an optional service which, if accepted relieves the renter from all financial responsibility for loss or damage of MICHAEL STAMOU S.A. vehicle, by or following theft, in line with the sighed conditions of the Rental Agreement (R/A).TP can be obtained under the following daily charges: 10 euro for Family cars groups (MERCEDES E-200, MERCEDES C-200) and 17 euro for Antiques group (CADILLAC) and Cabrio (MERCEDES CLK-200 CABRIO, BMW CABRIO), and for MERCEDES S-CLASS.
  11. ADDITIONAL DRIVER CHARGE: For the second driver 3 euro per day.
  12. AVIALABILITY: Car models are accordind to original planning.
    Delivery problems however may compel us to supply another vehicle in exceptional cases.
  13. ACROSS THE GREEK BORDERS RENTALS: The cars of MICHAEL STAMOU S.A. are not allowed to be driven outside Greece
  14. TRANSPORTATION BY SHIP: It is allowed only with written authorization by our company.
  15. DELIVERY & COLLECTION CHARGES: Each delivery or collection within city limits is charged with 15 euro excluding our offices.
    Out of town charges, for Family cars groups (MERCEDES E-200, MERCEDES C-200) are 0,40 euro / km and 0,80 euro / km for Antiques group (CADILLAC) and Cabrio (MERCEDES CLK-200 CABRIO, BMW CABRIO, BMW 525), and for MERCEDES S-CLASS.
  16. TAXES: All rates are subject to 23% V.A.T.

The above terms, rates and conditions may be changed without prior notice.

The current valid rate on commencement of the rental will be applied. (H.T.O. /EOT).

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